Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register my child for summer camp or programs?

    Registration takes place on CampBrain. If you've never made an account before, it's easy! Head to our New Families page and follow the instructions listed.

  • What is Waldo and how do I use it?

    Waldo is an online tool that uses facial recognition to find all your camper’s photos in the camp album and then delivers them to your phone via the Waldo app, with notifications for new photos. Sign up to have your camper's photos automatically sent to you here or simply view our gallery here.

  • What is a buddy?

    A buddy is a trained summer staff counselor, intern, or volunteer that spends one-on-one time with your participant. For summer camp, buddy pairings will generally stay the same during the week but may change if your child attends multiple weeks of camp.

  • What is Friend Friday?

    Friend Friday happens on specific Fridays during summer camp season! It's a chance for the community (including you!) to be invited into our morning celebration of Flag. During Friend Friday Flag, we sing, dance, and brag on our campers and corporate partners. Find more information here.

  • Can you arrange for a babysitter for my child?

    ESP does not make arrangements for sitters. Instead, we have a Facebook page with background-checked ESP counselors and interns that you can use to look for sitters. Contact to be added to the Facebook page.

  • When can I sign up for summer camp?

    Sign-ups for summer camp generally open up around March. Remember, these sign-ups are only requesting weeks. Allocations will be determined by the programs team and will finalize how many weeks of camp your participant gets - our goal is for our campers to have as much camp as they want, but there are capacity limits that we need to remain aware of. To stay up to date on sign-up information, make sure you're on our newsletter list by signing up here.

  • How can I be added to the Fun Friday newsletter?

    It's easy! Fill out the information here and you'll be all set.

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