ESP Support Offerings

ESP has a variety of offerings meant to make camp more accessible for your family!


ESP provides shuttles from a central location in your area from Week 1 - Week 6 of camp to take your camper to Day Camp and Adventure Camp! After your camper has been allocated their weeks of camp, email Hunter at to sign up for the shuttle.

Cost & Financial Aid

To learn more about the cost of programs, visit each individual program page. In the same way ESP never turns a participant away because of their ability, we also never turn a family away no matter their ability to contribute towards program costs.  Additionally, ESP will never charge a family more than 25% of what it costs to run a program no matter the season! We work hard to subsidize the costs of programming through volunteers, donors, families and community members who participate in our annual special events & through donations such as the ESP Fan Club. To find more information about any of these offerings, please contact or call the office at 706-769-9333.

  • Scholarships
    • Limited and/or partial scholarships are available to our families. These scholarships are designed to help offset the cost of programming for families who could not otherwise attend because of financial reasons.

  • Family Involvement Credit
    • As a way to help increase family engagement in ESP programming throughout the year, we designed the credit system to help offset summer camp costs. Families can earn credits that will be applied to their summer day camp weeks. The more families participate in programming, the more credits they earn.
  • Third Party Providers
    • ESP will coordinate with existing support waivers and billing used by our participants. In the past, we've worked with agents like BDHD, Advantage Behavioral Health, Bobby Dodd Institute, B&B Care Services, Acume, and Medicaid Waivers

  • Payment Plans
    • Individualized payment plans are available for families who need financial flexibility to cover the costs of programming.